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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Socks for Jan
Pattern: based on Wendy’s toe up sock pattern, with a picot trim
Yarn: Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre, shade 855
Needles: two pairs 4mm Addi Turbos

This really is the end of my pregnancy knitting. I think. I guess I may knit more, but this is the last thing that needs to be finished before the baby comes. Which is just as well as I am 38 weeks and not looking likely to get to 40 (though anything could happen, and usually does).

Socks for Jan

I have to say that this is yet another finished object I like so much that I am reluctant to give them away. I really have lucked out on the FO happiness front this pregnancy - everything has basically just worked, often far better than I expected. These socks are soft and delicious to touch and being a heavier weight than I have used for socks in the past they flew off the needles. It made for happy knitting, finished in time. I just hope they fit.

Socks for Jan

The biggest issue I had making them was sewing down the picot trim. Once I had finished the second sock I realised I had sewn down the first sock one row shorter. The second sock was far nicer and they didn’t match so it had to be fixed, not the funnest job, but even that went fast with only 42 stitches to the row.

Socks for Jan

I had quite a few thoughts I would once have blogged about along the way as I knit these socks, but my iphoto is still out of action, which makes getting photos off the camera painful. And, well, I am drifting along in a late pregnancy haze these days. I kept thinking I would blog about them soon and then they were done. I am so busy thinking about my belly that everything else seems to sneak up and take me by surprise. Still my apologies that this has become more of a FO blog than a knitting blog.


Comment by Mel on 8/7/2006 @ 9:02 pm

These are truly lovely, soft delicious looking socks. I hope they fit the intended recipient.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, My daughter was 37 weeks today. These last weeks seem to be flying past so much faster then when it was ME pregnant!
Best wishes, Mel

Comment by Korin on 9/7/2006 @ 7:43 am

oh those socks are gorgeous…
I’m waiting patiently for a baby post :D soon soon soon! :D

Comment by Anna on 9/7/2006 @ 10:30 am

I love the socks. I thought maybe the baby had arrived as we hadnt heard from you for a while. Good luck!

Comment by Julia on 9/7/2006 @ 3:28 pm

Those are just beautiful. Now go give birth already!

Comment by Nicole on 11/7/2006 @ 9:59 am

Beautiful socks! I’m 38 weeks today also! I’m hoping to deliver by next week! :) We’ll see! Good luck to you!

Comment by Mary on 15/7/2006 @ 3:09 am

The socks are lovely - they look incredibly soft, too.

Comment by rhelynn on 16/7/2006 @ 10:04 am

gorgeous little socks!

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