living in fantasy land

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

So I keep holding off blogging until I have time to take a photo - or better yet until I have something worth photographing. But um, I might never blog about craft again.

Right now my left foot is one kind of fantasy land and the right foot in another. A year ago Grace was just a dream and not even in my wildest dreams were things as perfect as they now are. A year ago I was actually knitting like mad instead of merely fantasising about projects. And obviously I wouldn’t go back to that place for anything. But it would be nice if one day these two fantasy lands some how came together. Imagine - a baby AND some craft. That’s just greedy.

But it has to come together eventually, right? The question is where to start. All the things I want to knit, or matching quilts for when the girls eventually move into the same room? In the mean time I am slowly working on a sock, at a rate of about an inch a month. 4 inches of sock progress just doesn’t seem worth a photo.