living in fantasy land

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

So I keep holding off blogging until I have time to take a photo - or better yet until I have something worth photographing. But um, I might never blog about craft again.

Right now my left foot is one kind of fantasy land and the right foot in another. A year ago Grace was just a dream and not even in my wildest dreams were things as perfect as they now are. A year ago I was actually knitting like mad instead of merely fantasising about projects. And obviously I wouldn’t go back to that place for anything. But it would be nice if one day these two fantasy lands some how came together. Imagine - a baby AND some craft. That’s just greedy.

But it has to come together eventually, right? The question is where to start. All the things I want to knit, or matching quilts for when the girls eventually move into the same room? In the mean time I am slowly working on a sock, at a rate of about an inch a month. 4 inches of sock progress just doesn’t seem worth a photo.

contented cow syndrome

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

One of my dear friends kindly pointed out to me today that my problem is “contented cow syndrome” and she’s right. I am weirdly contented to sit and do nothing at all for hours at a time, and I do mean nothing, watching paint dry or grass grow would probably be considered entertainment at the moment. I think this is the main problem with my knitting.

I do have a knitting question for you though. Am I the only person in the world not in love with Koigu? I am loving the colours of the Koigu I am using for my Jaywalkers, but it feels kind of like string after the lovely soft yarns I have used for the last two pairs of socks. Will it get better with washing? Is that the secret of the great Koigu passion? I really didn’t expect to enjoy knitting with Pattons Patonelle more than Koigu.

a little less jaywalking

Monday, January 30, 2006

Jaywalker number one

My Jaywalker is progressing SLOWLY. I don’t know if I am all socked out, if it’s the pattern, the pregnancy, or if I just need to be knitting baby stuff right now, but whatever the case I am not feeling the love for this project. That said I think it is going to fit quite well and it’s the first time I have started a pair of socks for myself so I am not completely giving up. I am going to leave it in my hand bag and knit on it when I am out and about - most likely sitting in Drs waiting rooms, which is something I do an awful lot of these days. What I am not going to do is kid myself that I will knit it at home and then not knit at all.

Having made this decision let me introduce Baby Project #1. No, it’s not a great big hanky. Its the very mindless start of a Stonington Shetland Shawl:

The Stonington Shetland Shawl

I bought this yarn more than six months ago I think, with this shawl in mind. I believe this may be the first time I have actually used yarn bought that far in advance as intended. I am thrilled with the colour but it is not as soft as I would have liked, I am hoping it will soften up with washing.

I have been thinking about putting a star like the one on the recent hat in the centre of the main square. I would do this in some sort of contrast stitch, not intarsia. What do you think? Would it work and in what stitch? I could also do the star thing on each of four sides instead of in the centre, or I can do a more traditional lace pattern. The possibilities are endless really. And at this rate I have plenty of time to decide.

jaywalkers - now with more knitting and less whining!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Thank you all again for your kind, sweet words. I am feeling much better, I still feel a normal for me level of pregnancy crappiness but everything else has settled done. And look - knitting!

Jaywalker number one

I really appreciate the sentiment of your comments, that I shouldn’t feel rushed to knit and blog about it. I must confess - I don’t! As much as I love to have knitting to blog about, I am stressing about the knitting because after all this time worrying about jinxing myself by knitting baby stuff while doing IVF, it’s finally ok to knit for our baby and the numerous other miracle babies in my life that are due around the same time. The fertility clinics of Australia seem to have suddenly gotten their act together late last year and I have much crafting to do! The knit blog community has given me so much in the last year that it really does make my day when I feel like I have something really worthwhile to blog about. But this urge to knit is about wanting hand made gifts for my own baby and for the babes of dear friends who have been waiting far too long.

Anyway last night it felt great to be knitting again and I am looking forward to starting the first of the baby projects as soon as the Jaywalkers are done. I have plans for 4 quilts (yes I know that is not knitting), a couple of blankets, some hats and a sweater or two. Will I actually be able to manage all that before June/July? That is the question.

a week’s worth of knitting

Friday, January 13, 2006

Jaywalker number one

Half an inch of a Jaywalker toe. I started exactly a week ago, almost to the hour. This really is a week’s worth of knitting. It’s sad I know. In my defence it’s been a really crap week.

I am 13 weeks pregnant today, I am starting to (oh so slowly) wean off of some of the drugs I am on. This was supposed to be the week where some of the restrictions would be lifted and I could start to exercise more etc. Isabelle started preschool and I was going to get on top of the book keeping again. Blah, blah, blah. Instead I spent monday night in hospital and what feels like the entire rest of the week in doctors’ waiting rooms. My completely benign, but never the less irritating heart condition has been playing up - aided and abetted by excessively low blood pressure. I am fine, just tired, nauseas, cranky and depressed to be less rather than more able this week. Hopefully next week will be better. Heck I might knit more than half an inch and shock you all.

I do have grand plans to knit again. One day. Maybe tomorrow.

And to everyone who has emailed me or left a comment in the last week, I am so very sorry I haven’t replied, I will be trying to catch up in the next few days.