An unexpected ending

Friday, August 24, 2007

I took these photos a few weeks ago now and it pains me to say the longies look almost identical now, so there is no point in taking new photos - other than to indulge Grace’s cutenss.

knitting longies

knitting longies

knitting longies

What pains me even more is the realisation that there is simply no point in completing them. I have become one of those knitters who can’t finish a project before it’s usefulness has passed. And I simply don’t have the time spare to finish something that is going to go into a box somewhere. And in fact, having just finished re-organising our house and moved boxes and boxes of stuff to the shed in order to make the inside nicer to live in I find I just can’t justify adding more “Stuff” to the boxes…

It’s a sad day. I think this is only my second ever UFO. Actually it’s probably the third, there is a pair of unfinished jaywalkers somewhere around here, and a scarf that I so barely started I often forget it happened at all… There haven’t been many and the other two might actually still be worth knitting if I ever feel the love for them again… I think this is the first time I will put something away with no intention of ever coming back to it. And that is so out of keeping with my personality that I am finding it hard to deal with - no matter how much I know it’s what I need to do.

The saddest part of all is there may be no knitting at all for some time. It could easily be another year. Another year. I can’t believe it’s been a year. And it could be another year. I do still love to knit and I miss the knitting but there simply isn’t knitting time in my life right now and I don’t seem to be able to make it. (Note that this also means there is little to no TV time in my life right now).

What I am determined to make time for is quilting. As part of our great house re-org we moved the girls in together. So it’s time for matching, or at least coordinating, quilts. I want to make them for Christmas, but I know it simply won’t happen, so the more realistic goal is their birthdays - Isabelle in March and Grace in July.

But before I can start quilting I have a whole bunch of stuff to cross off my ever growing to do list. And I have some grieving to do. For the knitting that I will miss. And this blog, which has quietly slipped away from me. I feel like such a bad blogger… And a bad friend to those of you who I got to know and then just disappeared from. I hope you all know it wasn’t intentional and it makes me sad.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Note to self:
When knitting take notes.
If it is going to be a few days before you get back to it take VERY good notes.
When it’s going to be weeks, and you will be sick, sleep deprived and hormone ridden in between - write an essay.

Of course I didn’t take a single note. I did place a bit of scrap yarn as a marker to measure from. If only I had thought to write down what exactly I needed to measure it might have been a little more meaningful. Given my complete failure to document lessons learned before I ripped, most of my infrequent knitting time has been spent trying to figure out what on earth to do next. But I am finally almost back to where I was before I ripped.

I would take a photo, but it looks just like it did last time. Other than the short rows, which might be worse. And who wants to document their knitting getting worse?

Now I just have to catch Grace and do a try on. That I will take pictures of.