like falling off a log

Monday, April 9, 2007

As I sat in the car, having spent quite some time reading the various bits of web forum I had printed out as “the pattern”, I wondered. Would I remember how to cast on? Would I be able to knit at all? The answer was YES. I can still cast on. I can still knit.

knitting longies

And WOW was it fun! I have seriously missed that feeling. Yarn slipping through my fingers. Something from nothing….

knitting longies

These are to be longies for Grace, to go over her cloth nappies. The pattern is here. I had, of course, started making my own modifications before I was even 10 rows in.

I have thought about shutting this blog down. I don’t know if it will ever be as active as it once was. But I really do want to knit (and quilt) at least a bit, I have projects I am quite desparate to find time for - not that I am having much luck finding that time. And my reason for blogging remains, to document my knitting at least for my own future reference. The number of times this blog has helped me answer my own questions about how I did something has been invaluable. So here I am pulling the blog back from the brink of oblivion. I will knit a bit. I hope to blog a bit.