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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Marie Claire Idee Christmas 2004 and Interweave Knits 2005

Yesterday I realised that I was kidding myself (yet again) and that I really wasn’t pregnant at all (yet again) AND we got turned down for a great house that we had applied for. Blech. But amidst the misery that has been this week there have been some happy knitting discoveries. On Tuesday, after hearing that my local newsagent gets the occasional copy of Interweave, I stopped in (without much hope given how the week was going) and lo and behold there was a copy of the Spring ‘05 Interweave! I snapped it up as I love the ballet wrap on the cover and the bear claw blankie (have I mentioned that I have a thing for blankets?). Following on from this unexpected success, yesterday I tried another nearby newsagent that I NEVER go into and found the Christmas ‘04 Marie Claire Idee. I was so excited I gasped out loud and got myself some very strange looks. I have to say that there isn’t that much in the Marie Claire that does it for me, but I bought if for the scarf pattern I feel in love with last year when Froggy first posted about it - back with the mag was actually seasonal.

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