Sophie is growing on me

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sophie is halfway there. Well the knitting bit is half done anyway. If I had posted about Sophie on Monday I would have whined about hand winding a hank of Cascade 220 in a car. Or perhaps linked to this clever invention which I discovered just a little too late. If I had posted Tuesday morning I would have said I wasn’t loving Sophie, the 6.5mm circ I had was too long, double points really weren’t fun for this project and especially while knitting the first few rows of the sides I found the Cascade a bit thin to knit comfortably on 6.5mm needles. If I had posted last night I would have showed you this photo and said that I made good progress at knitting class and was looking forward to moving on to a new pair of 6.5mm circs when they arrived in the morning.

Well the needles came, I have changed over and I have to say am never going to love going to love knitting on 40cm circulars as the needle points are just too short for my hands but it is definitely more manageable with a fatter needle and wool yarn than the combination of 4mm needles and cotton. I need to stop blogging now so I can go knit this thing because despite all the whining Sophie is really growing on me, I want to see her finished.

stash enhancement

Monday, November 8, 2004

Look what came in the post today! One skein of Cascade 220 in colour #9407 and two skeins of Lambs Pride Worsted in Khaki. Yum!

The Cascade is destined to become a Sophie bag. I feel a bit unoriginal using the exact colour shown in the pattern but I am having a thing for green at the moment and choosing yarn from tiny swatches online gives me hives.

The Khaki Lambs Pride is what the nice folks at Threadbare chose for me as a contrast to the Raspberry I am using to make my Booga Bag. I had already changed my mind and decided I really wanted pink to go with the Raspberry Booga Bag (and ordered accordingly) before today’s parcel arrived so I am not sure what exactly I am going to do with this Khaki. What I am sure of is that I LOVE it, there is something so inviting and soothing about this yarn in this colour, my photo really doesn’t do it justice but it’s a lot better than the swatch.

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