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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Who would have thought it, actual knitting content. I picked up my needles the other night and it seems I can still remember how to knit.

Green Scarf

A green scarf… I have three balls of luscious Eki Riva Sport and this pattern is a lot of fun, I think this one will be growing rather quickly. Though I have to say the purl side is driving me mad. It’s weird, purling is troubling me more now than it ever has before. I am guessing that my knitting has improved dramatically, my purl not at all, and there is now enough disparity to drive me nuts. Purling combined style is wonderfully fast and gives me lovely even tension - but odd selvages. I have been trying various other methods and I am so painfully slow at purling continental style that I actually tried to teach myself English purling. I simply could not figure out how to purl with the yarn wrapped around the fingers of my left hand, I ended up finishing the row by just dropping the yarn between stitches. This method was faster and looked better than when I had tried holding the yarn properly but it just felt so wrong. Purling problems, ugh. If you have any wisdom to offer here, please share it!


Comment by Kelly on 1/6/2005 @ 12:06 am

This is looking beautiful, if this is the pattern I think it is, with the beads handing from the end, I have this on my “to do” list for some Wine colored Baby Alpaca DK. Have you tried Norwegian Purling? I recently learned this as my first purling experience so I have no way of comparing it, but after the initial learning curve, I find it very rythmic, though I’m not incredibly fast at it. I learned from a combination of two sources, this first video was great but I couldn’t quite get the last movement:

So I then went to this step by step which finished it off for me:

Anyway, just a thought :)

Comment by Adina on 2/6/2005 @ 12:30 am

That is gorgeous! I need to make my sister a scarf - I have the yarn, and that would be gorgeous with the yarn I got….

Where did you find the pattern?

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