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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Should you find your self counting stitches on your 52nd row of 54, should you find that you have to many, should you then notice that you entirely skipped a pair of increases back on row 20 - don’t do what I did. I thought about this for quite some time, 3 or 4 hours I guess. I wrote an email to the ever patient and always helpful Alison asking her opinion. I did not then wait for her very sensible answer to just ignore my problem but instead decided it was best fixed by dropping 32 rows of stitches and picking them up properly decreased. I knew that my new stitches would be sloppy and there would be some redistribution to be done. What I did not realise was quite how much yarn would have to be redistributed…. If only I had thought to take photos while I was working you could have a had a good laugh at my expense. Alas the only photo I have is one from after the patch up job was complete. If you look very carefully in the bottom right corner, below the safety pin where the decreases were missed and above the garter stitch base you will find a few stray stitches that I have yet to butcher… those stitches are still pretty, the other side of the bag is looking lovely. Alison tells me that the wonder of felting is that it hides a multitude of sins and I so hope it hides mine….

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