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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The quilt top is assembled, the layers are basted, I am ready to quilt this little baby blanket - and my fingers are just itching to start knitting the second it’s done. It feels great to be back on track. It’s funny (sad?) how despite the fact that I find making things so soothing it’s when I need it most that I am least able to craft. I don’t seem to be able to start new things until I have recovered but I can keep slogging away at whatever is already underway, I did finish my vest this last cycle, which I have been wearing all the time by the way. I think I need to plan carefully to have a big (long), but not too difficult, knitting project just barely started when I launch into my IVF cycle. Once I have something on the go I keep working until it’s done, the trick is not to finish mid hormone disaster. Can someone please remind me to start something time consuming just in late July? Perhaps I will be up to Market Squares by then.


Comment by Rachael on 27/5/2005 @ 6:42 am

Love your blog!
Just a querrie though, totally unrelated to the last post, I want to make Sophie or Booga bag for my next (only 3rd) “real” project. I can get 6.5 40cm circ’s on-line from Xotic Yarns, but can’t find 6.5 dpns (bamboo) anywhere. Where did you get your Tulip dpn’s from? I’m a bit shy about ordering from outside of Australia, but what I won’t do for bamboo….
Thanks, Rach.
By the way - to me your a very brave and inspirational - both in your knitting and life ( Does that sound stalker-ish?). I’m currently struggling with garter stitch edges and have been doing the Debbie Stroller thing too, but am going to be brave and try the slip stitch edge, with a little “help” form you!

Comment by janet on 29/5/2005 @ 12:07 pm

In answer to your question in the comments of my blog, the only thing I would say about knitting the bands of the baby sweater in a different colour is that the button and buttonhole bands are actually knit along with the body of the sweater. There’s no reason why you couldn’t pick up stitches in a different colour or even work the other colour along with the body in an intarsia-like fashion, it’s just more work than is required by the pattern. It would probably look really cute, however and would be worth it if that was the only way to make your yarn amounts last to the completion of the sweater.

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